Reason for this Blog

As golf season is ending, I was told by many to start a blog to share my reviews of ALL 106 public golf courses in CT.  I know I should have started this from day one and blogged each course daily, but since I didn’t want to start in the middle I decided to wait till I was done with all of them. So I  played all 106 courses this year in 150 days(yes 150). I set this goal as I was laid off right in time for golf season(somewhat planned). I played roughly 6 days a week and played usually 27 a day at 2 diff courses. On my days “off” I traveled and played out of state in MA or NJ or NY with my  idol, my father, or friends Tony Cordeiro and John Porzio. On Thursdays I would “have a day” with Brian Sotire, and do lunch or dinner at the course or a place on CT’s  Since this was a full time job, I often played by myself so as you would imagine I met some really great people along the way. I enjoyed hearing their stories and as golfers always do, we asked each other “have you played……”. Golfers are always looking for new courses to try and often want to hear a peer review before booking their tee time. I always shared my story and this goal and more often then not was replied with a chuckle and a “thats amazing”. One day I joined a threesome and one of the men in the group chuckled,  but instead of being amazed mentioned that he has played all 106 before. He did this over many years so was still amazed by what I was doing and still keeps in touch with me. I will be posting my reviews daily going from A-Z.  Check in before booking your tee times as I will also mention if they are on a golf discount site(Golfnow,EZ,play18) or have deals on their own site.  If I ate at the course I will mention the food and if the cart girl caught my eye I will surely note that too. As I mentioned before, the golf season is ending but if you want to sneak in a final round on a top 10 course or plan next years’ rounds/trips, be sure to check in here. I also hope this turns into dialogue with golfers of all ages chiming in and possibly connecting with others to play 18!                                                                                                                                       On a special note, I would like to thank my “brother” Shane Cohen for introducing me to, and getting me HOOKED on this great game. Even though you are not with us anymore I know you are up there watching and will one day give me a lucky kick for an ace!

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One comment on “Reason for this Blog

  1. David pantalena says:

    Enjoyed golfing with you today. Love the single golf concept.
    Mention me to your future father-in-law
    Good luck
    David Pantalena

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