Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course

The “Wheel” as referred to by the regulars, is a 36 hole facility in Bridgeport. The better of the two courses is the Black Course. The Red course has awful starting and finishing holes(1,9,10,18) but if you need to play golf on a weekend, you can pretty much always get a last minute time there. As the rest of the Red is boring and goes back and forth I will go through the Black course now. Hole 1 is a slight dog leg right 4 that brings you to my least favorite hole there. #2 has a blind tee shot that requires the group in front to ring a bell. 3 is a very short par 3 and 4 is an uphill 4 that requires a good tee shot to get the green in 2. Keep your driver in the bag for the next hole but make sure you bring it right back for the long #6. 6,7, and 8 are a very tough bunch of holes so get through there at even and be happy and close out the front. From the 10th tee box you can see Long Island Sound which is miles away. Let it rip and avoid the left side fairway bunkers for an easy par. After a short, well protected par 3 you will have to play a draw(or aim left) on the dog leg left #12. No coincidence that #13 is my favorite hole here. From an elevated tee box you need to carry around 230yds to be left with a beautiful, not easy,  approach shot in. 14 is short so best bet would be a draw hybrid. 15 is a nice flat wide open par 4 that feels like it belongs on the red course,not in a  bad way, just the fact that it sits on that layout. 16 is a challenging hole with an elevated green that you want to be long on. Next up is the prettiest hole on both courses. A beautiful par 3 hitting over tall cattail. If the pin is in the front you will miss your only hole in one. The closing hole here plays up hill and unless you can hit a fade you will be left with a fat chance to make par.


Tee times can be made online at  https://www.fairchildwheelergolf.com/  or on GolfNow

Overall I give the Wheel a weak 6 as a combined score.

  • layout- 6
  • condition-5
  • food- 8
  • staff- 8
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