Andrea Doddato

I saw Andrea on the Monring Drive today and boy if I was a pro golfer that would be my trainer. If you are ever in Winter Park Fl stop in for a consultation



Hottest girl on tour

While the Koreans dominate on the course, the Hispanics/Latin Americans dominate anywhere they go. My top 4 are all from Spain or South America(Sorry Paula and Natalie you guys tie for 5th)

Here is my favorite on the LPGA .Veronica Felibert

I took this pic while watching her on the range on Pro-am day at the Shop Rite shootout in Atlantic City. It was my first LPGA event and I didn’t know that I would be the only fan there haha. My one piece of advice would be lose the visor, its too big and hides your gorgeous face.


pic from the web