Indian Springs Golf Club

This is a family run course located in Middlefield and they take pride in it. The course is constantly improving and always in great shape. The clubhouse was recently updated and so was the practice green and driving range. There are many hills and blind shots here including your second  shot on the par 5 5th. If I could make one change here I would make hole 6’s dogleg less sharp especially since the left is just woods and can easily be widened. #9 is my favorite hole there as it is a downhill wide open short par 4 with a large green and sends you home happy every time.

Tee times can be made by calling  860-349-8109 and are on EZLinks

Give it a 7.5 and is perfect if you only have time for 9. If other local courses are packed check in here and use their full length range and chipping/bunker practice area.

  • layout-7
  • condition-8
  • food- 8
  • staff- 8

Hunter Golf Club

Hunter is a very scenic course located in Meriden.  It is a classic hilly parkland style course with tree lined fairways and some ponds down in the valley where the pro shop sits.  The first hole is an uphill dog leg and its my least favorite there so its nice to get it out of the way. From then on you are brought through medium sized fairways and bunker protected greens. There is a nice Italian restaurant there and which would be perfect  if you plan on hosting a golf outing.

Tee times can be made by calling  (203) 634-3366     Has a hole by hole graphic section

Overall I  give Hunter an 7.5

  • layout-8
  • condition-7
  • food- 8
  • staff- 8

Laurel View Country Club

Laurel View, located in Hamden, is a decent course with some very good holes and with a little effort can be a great course.  Hole 1 is very short so you can go for it or if you feel rusty can use a fairway wood and still be left with a mid iron shot in. Next up is a pretty short par 3 with a large green so you should be even through 2 at worst. The large lake on #3 requires you to lay up but then be left with a long approach shot to the green. Holes 4 and 5  are pars 5 and 4 and go back and forth and are pretty much the same distance so par bogey is not that bad here.  Hole 6 is a quirky hole which does not require a driver  and hole 7 is a long uphill par 3 that does. My favorite hole is probably the 8th. It requires an accurate drive, has a open flat landing zone for your second shot, then a shallow green. I hate the 9th but like how it shares it’s green with the par 3 #7 that you just bogeyed.

The back starts off with a short but tough dogleg that you DEF should not use anything more than an iron on.  Next up is  a very hard par 5(hardest hole here). The fairway slants right the hole way and everything runs off of it into big trouble(almost OB). #12 is a picturesque par 3 over a lake.  After a short easy par 4 you arrive at another great hole here at Laurel View.  If you smash your drive the ball can catch the downhill slope and leave you with a get there in 2 shot.  15 and 16 are both tough; 15 plays up hill and long while 16 plays downhill but is narrow and curves hard left.  17 is a traditionally par 3 and 18 has a tree that needs to be knocked down.

Some cheap tee times on Golf Now. The course needs a heavy make over and then would be an 8

  • layout-8
  • condition-6
  • food- 6
  • staff- 6

Hottest girl on tour

While the Koreans dominate on the course, the Hispanics/Latin Americans dominate anywhere they go. My top 4 are all from Spain or South America(Sorry Paula and Natalie you guys tie for 5th)

Here is my favorite on the LPGA .Veronica Felibert

I took this pic while watching her on the range on Pro-am day at the Shop Rite shootout in Atlantic City. It was my first LPGA event and I didn’t know that I would be the only fan there haha. My one piece of advice would be lose the visor, its too big and hides your gorgeous face.


pic from the web

Hotchkiss School Golf Course

The Hotchkiss course is located in the Northwest part of the state at the foothills of the Berkshires. This beautiful nine holer sits  on top of a hill and circles right around and through the campus. The school is in a very small quiet town called Lakeville(the lake being Wononskopomuc….good luck saying that). Upon arriving at the course the driveway takes you right by their new synthetic turf football field(2009).  This is the only course I have played  on a school campus and its was pretty cool that the football field was so close to the course itself. Being that the holes are not on top of eachother and spread out through the campus, there is a map on the back of the scorecard which was very helpful. Although hole #5 provides the best view(see below), I do not have one favorite hole here. I love holes 2-6 as I can only imagine during school days how many students are not paying attention to their professors but rather seeing if you stick the green or go up and down.

Check out the view from hole 5. My favorite part of this course is if you are lazy,I played 27 already that day, you can take a cart and they are all drop tops!!!! Nothing better than riding and still getting tan.


If your son or daughter likes hockey and golf and is looking at prep schools this is a no brainer.

Overall a solid 8 and if they had all nine holes on the school side somehow without crossing a main road, this course would make my top 10.  LOVE this place and can’t wait to go back.

  • layout-8
  • condition-8
  • food- NA
  • staff- 9