Woodstock Golf Course

Woodstock is a run down 9 hole course in the middle of nowhere Norheast CT. The course is over 120 years old and it looks and feels like it(1896). You start off on a par 3 with a very chewed up tee box. After that you face a short 4 that doglegs at the very end and can leave your ball on a hill in front of the green. Next up is an angled hole with a blind tee shot. Just when you thought the layout couldn’t get any worse, #4 is a 90 dogleg. 5 and 6 are straightaway 4s that lead you too a long downhill 3 that you can not go long on. 8 would be a good hole except its too tight.

You can book a tee time on Golf18 Network.  Their website is  http://www.woodstockgc.com/


Overall course gets just a 3.5 and feels like a community/league place that doesn’t get many visitors. If you live around there you should frequent this place since its so cheap, esp the range balls.

  • layout-2
  • condition-3
  • food-NA
  • staff- 8
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