Crestbrook Park Golf course

Crestbrook is an above average 18 hole course located in Watertown. The course was originally only 9 holes but then was purchased by the town, who added 9 more and a pool and tennis courts. It is a challenging course with tree lined fairways, plenty of water and sloping greens. The front nine(3275) plays shorter than the back(3655) so you must get off to a good start or it only gets worse.  Holes 8 and 9 are both big dog leg lefts and I suggest laying up on 8 but on 9 give it all you got or you will be forced to lay up again. As I mentioned the back 9 is long and pretty tight so good luck.  The cart girl was very nice and prob the prettiest girl in town. Overall it gets a 7.5 and I need to go play it again soon then catch a Taft hockey game.

  • layout-7
  • condition-7
  • food-6
  • staff- 7

Copper Hill Golf Club

Copper Hill is a nine hole course located minutes from the Mass border. I played this course with my friends Paul and Bill, as a warm up before playing Simsbury, and we were eager to get off of it. It was almost completely under water even though it hadn’t rained in a week. The course was short, flat, and boring. My least favorite hole there is # 8 which dog legs right and then left and leaves you wondering where your tee shot went. The club house and grill is somewhat cozy and if you are a recreational golfer, league play there would be fun. I will give it another shot on a dry fall day but it will be on my way to the RANCH.

  • layout-3
  • condition-3
  • food-NA
  • staff- 3

CT National Golf Course

Here it is- my favorite course in the state! It may come as a surprise especially since many of you have never heard of it(gets no press or rankings…YET). CT national is the recently renovated Putnam Country Club. This beauty of a course is located in Putnam which is about 45 mins North of Mohegan Sun and close to the RI and MA borders. I never played Putnam but I heard from others that the new owner expanded the course, allowing for  the word national to be added, and imported fescue and added bunkers during the multi million dollar renovation. As I approached the course the first time I was somewhat disappointed. The GPS took me on a dirt road in the middle of the woods so I was thinking that CT National was going to be like the other local tracks I played that week. Boy was I wrong. Hole 1 is a straightaway slightly uphill scoreable par 5. I suggest not using your driver on the dog leg right hole 2 as left is OB and right is heavy fescue. Hole 3 is the best hole there and make sure you take the right angle over the quarry. Hole 4 is a par 3 with a long green so check where the pin is before selecting your club. Hole 5 is a skinny par 4 and I suggest laying up with a 3 or 4 iron off the tee. Par 5 hole 6 offers a great chance at birdie. Hole 7 is a short par 3 and offers you a back to back birdie chance(I did!). Hole 8 offers a beautiful view off the tee box and is a reachable downhill par 4 but I do NOT recommend going for it as its not worth it(ask my friend TC). Hole 9 closes out the par 35 front 9 with a 160yd uphill par 3. I am not going to walk through the back 9 as the holes are more basic and wide open for you to see for yourself. The 18th is a downhill dogleg right par 5. If you hit a nice drive with a slight fade you will be left with about 225yds in and the best approach view in the state. See the pic below- an uphill view of the green, surrounded by bunkers and fescue, the clubhouse, and the lush uninhabited forest.

After your round I suggest you enjoy a meal there. The menu changes daily as they use fresh local ingredients. First time I played here linked up with a member there, Albi, who I call  whenever I visit now as he offers a tale a hole.

They offer a weekday rate of $47 w/cart and $7 food voucher so take a day off from work and your welcome. Overall this course gets a 10.

  • layout-10
  • condition-9
  • food-10
  • staff- 9


Chanticlair Golf Course

Sounding like a French dessert is a nice mid length 9 hole course in Colchester. You start out with a long par 3 who’s tee box is resting on  the edge of a pond. The next 2 holes are short par 4s that bring you to their signature island green par 3 4th. This island green is in great shape which is hard to maintain due to moisture and goose poop ha.  My favorite hole is 6 which is  a slight dog leg left with water in front of the green and trees forming a wall behind it. The staff was great and overall it gets a 7 as one of the best nine hole courses in the state.

Sidenote- thier logo reminds me of Lil Jerry Seinfeld.

Tee times can be made on their site via an email and on golf18network

  • layout-7
  • condition-7
  • food-NA
  • staff- 9





Cedar Ridge Golf Course

Cedar Ridge is an 18hole par 3 course located right off I-95 in East Lyme. The first tee box is also the same box for #10 so do not be alarmed if it is super crowded(happens again with 11 and 18).  You will only be using mid to high irons on the front but will need hybrids and woods on the back. Its a good course for beginners or if you are ever stuck in traffic on 95 and want to play a quick round. Overall it gets a 5.

  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food-NA
  • staff- 5

Candlewood Valley Country Club

Candlewood is a very flat 18 hole course located in New Milford CT.  Hole one will set the tone for the day with a reachable par 5 that will get your confidence up or make you want to start over. There is a river that winds through the course that makes for a water hazard of some sort on almost every hole. The course is not too long and not that difficult as long as you stay out of the water(easier said then done). I enjoyed holes #3 and #4,both par 3s, but wish they were not back to back.  I played with a local who said the format was changed recently(some holes on the front went to the back etc) which makes for eight par 4s and one par 3 on the back.  Power lines and a couple forced in doglegs take away from this very nice fairly priced course.

They offer specials on their site and are on EZlinks. Overall I give it a 6.5

  • layout-6
  • condition-7
  • food-NA
  • staff- 7

Cedar Knob Golf Course

Cedar Knob, located in Somers CT, is a Geoff Cornish 18 hole course carved out of, who would have guessed,  tall cedars. The pro shop and grill room themselves are surrounded by cedars with needles lining the walkways which make you feel like you are in a state park. With many doglegs, its imperative that you bring your A game with your driver. The best hole is the 400yd par 4 18th that requires you to carry a large pond on your approach shot. Overall I give it a 6 and with its great rates would play it more if I lived closer.

Tee times can be made by calling the proshop.

  • layout-6
  • condition-6
  • food-5
  • staff- 6