Brennan Golf Course

Gaynor Brennan aka Hubbard Heights aka Helmet Heights is located in Stamford and is one of two in that town. This is the lesser of the two and is real compact as land in Stamford is not cheap. The first tee puts the pressure on you as the tee box is just outside the starter’s shed and pretty much on the grill room’s deck. The nickname helmet heights is suiting as you will often have balls flying one or two fairways over. Wish I had more to say about this place but there really isn’t anything worth mentioning. The course is over priced if you’re a non resident.   The layout is somewhat out of order and pace of play is slow here. Overall I give it a 4 and is a last resort last minute booking for Fairfield county

Tee times can be made  by calling the pro shop or online.

  • layout-3
  • condition-4
  • food-6
  • staff- 6
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