University Club of CT

This club is now under new management and has changed names to the Windham Club. The University Club did not last long…it was the former Willimantic Country Club which was  been sold to a group headed by former University of Connecticut basketball star Donny Marshall in 09. The course last year was not maintained too well, crab grass and lack of signage. The pro shop is pretty much empty. Hopefully the new owners do as they say and modernize the grill and clubhouse and in doing so raise money to keep up with the course’s needs.

Tee times can be made by calling for now  860.456.1971

Overall it gets a 5.5 and regardless of the management won’t go up too much as the layout is very bland and short.

  • layout- 5.5
  • condition-5.5
  • food- NA
  • staff- 7

Twin Hills Country Club

Twin Hills is an average at best course located in the surrounding farm land near UCONN(its on Bread and Milk st). I won’t go through every hole here as there aren’t any that really standout. There are too many sharp turns out here.


Tee times can be made by calling  (860) 742-9705

Overall it gets only a 5 but is family ran so def worth playing if you live in the area and don;t take golf too too serious.


  • layout- 5
  • condition-6
  • food- 5
  • staff- 8



Villa Hills Golf Course

Villa Hills is a nine hole course only a long walk away from “Celeron”. This par 3 course is so bad it has you hitting off of mats. I got there around 9 am(I think on a sat) and there was no not one person there, not even at the restaurant. I teed off with the plan of paying on the way out, but was greeted by a guy who drove his actual car out to collect the fare!  I only suggest this place for an underclassman trying to get to second base with a UCONN freshmen.


Overall I give it a 2 just because its so close to the original Wings Over.

  • layout- 2
  • condition-2
  • food- NA
  • staff- NA



Tradition at Oak Lane

Oak Lane was once a private club, but like many, went bankrupt, feel apart then went public. Since Tradition took it over the course has made some significant improvements. They first off re-greened #s 10 and 11, which were pure dirt 2 yrs ago.  They resurfaced parts of the driving range and I suggest they get new mats ASAP. Although I never ate at Oak Lane when it was private, they did a great job on the bar and the food is excellent. Hole 1 is a very tough par 5 and sets you out in a bad mood, usually a par at best. The hole bends uphill to the left making your layup second shot crucial. Too far right and your in a bunker, too far left it slides down and leaves you behind a tree. Hole 2 is fairly tight and windy, so put your driver away. Don’t cut the left corner too close on #3 as you may end up in the bunkers with no shot of getting that green.  Next up is a very short par 3 over water followed by a par 4 that makes you layup before another pond. After the long par 3 6th you come to one of the toughest holes here. With water running the whole way on the right, you’re forced to layup left, but too far left you will get blocked out by the massive in front of the green. Hole 8 is another sort narrow 4 that makes no sense to use your driver. Rounding out the front 9 is an easy version of hole #1. Long hitters beware of the pond at the bottom of the fairway, its reachable.

I hate hole #10 ha.  Me, having a sometimes bad fade, should like this sharp dogleg right but I have never hit the green in 2 here. Even if you do hit the fairway you have a tough shot in to a steep green where you need to be below the hole. The rest of the back nine is very bland and the only tip I have is try to be below the hole on #18 as it has a very steep front sloping green as well(like #10)

Tee times can be made online or on GolfNow

Overall Oak Lane gets a 7.5 and is a good place to practice and get a great meal.


  • layout- 7- back nine feels so repetitive
  • condition-7.5
  • food-9
  • staff- 8


Tower Ridge Country Club

Tower Ridge sits pretty much on top of  Talcott Mountain, making it one of the hilliest courses in the state. I can not critique this course too much because I played it last year after a couple days of heavy rain. Being on such a steep mountain, the water all collected on the flat holes making some of them unplayable(esp #1, 2 and 13).  The 8th hole is the hardest par 3 in the state just edging out Great River ‘s #17. Their signature hole has to be the finishing hole. Don’t let the  narrow tee box scare you; bomb your drive and be left with a short wedge over the fountain pond and hit the green with everyone watching on the outdoor patio.


Overall I give Tower Ridge a 6.5 but if I play it again on a nice sunny day it would prob go up to a 7

  • layout- 7
  • condition-NA
  • food-NA
  • staff- 8

Topstone Golf Course

Opening in 1997, this very young course is still in great shape. Not only does South Windsor have 1-800-hockey1, and Buccigross, it also has a couple really nice golf courses. The first two holes are short so you shld get off to a one under start. #3 is short and best bet would be to leave your driver in your bag. The first par 3, hole 4, can play very long from the blue tees, just keep it left. The rest of the front is pretty wide open and easy, especially the sharp dogleg right 9th. On the back, I really like the long straightaway tight par 5 16 and then the short 4 17 that requires you to play the right side of the fairway to avoid the oak tree on the left.

Tee times can be made on their site and they have hole by hole walk through.

I suggest playing the par 3 Willow Brook course before or after since its so close. Overall Topstone gets an easy 7.5…make it an  8. Don’t be surprised to see some Bucci overtime challenge ball markers on the greens there.


  • layout-8
  • condition-8
  • food-8
  • staff- 9


Timberlin Golf Course

Nestled along the base of Ragged Mountain located in Berlin CT,  Timberlin Golf Club, is a premier 18-hole municipal golf course designed by Al Zikorus. The course had a major renovation recently which included the addition of bunkers, like they needed anymore. The bunkers, a couple uphill long par 3s and the water on 12-14, makes the course challenging. I don’t remember this course too well as I played it with my friends Tyler Vermette and Brian Sotire and for those of you that don’t know them they tend to make everything a blurr, a blurr in a great way.



Te times can be made on their site

Overall it gets a weak 7 and is a good muni.

  • layout-7
  • condition-7
  • food-7
  • staff- 7