Wintonbury Hills Golf Course

Wintonbury Hills is one of my favorite courses in the state, maybe #1 based on how well I usually play it.  Located Northwest of Hartford, in Bloomfield, is a Pete Dye designed gem. Opening in 2006, it was the first Pete Dye designed golf course in Connecticut. The renowned golf course architect, who normally charges up to $750,000, billed the city only $1 for his services because of his commitment to more affordable golf. You start off here with a friendly, flat straight away 4. To get to it though you need to drive through the parking lot which is a minor flaw. I wish they would build a path from the practice green in the back of the clubhouse to the first tee. Moving along to hole 2 which is an uphill dogleg left with a pretty large landing area. Your approach shot will be somewhat impaired by the hill so leave it short left if anything. Next up is a short par 3; aim for the left side of the green as everything funnels right. Hole 4 is a skinny par 5 that gets even skinnier up by the green so I suggest laying up cause whatever you do, do not miss the green long or left. Hole 5 is a downhill 4, driveable for long hitters but I suggest laying up. 6 is a tiered fairway hole with a very elevated green followed by a long tough par with plenty of trouble on the left(first sign of water all day). Next up is another skinny par 5 but without any real hazards give it all you got twice. 2 years ago, after watching Thursday morning at the Travelers, I was having the round of my life here. I was 1 under and just crushed my drive down this fairway as the horn went off. I tried to finish the hole and the very short par 3 9th but the carts wouldn’t let me(you will see why later). Another flaw I have with the design here is that the back nine starts off almost identical to the front. Not only does it go par 4,4,3,5 but the holeshave the exact same layout. Holes 14 and 15 are both very nice and very much alike. They are skinny and have OB on the right the whole time and their greens are very protected on the right too. After the long par 3 17 you close it out with a pretty, flat hole similar to 1 and 10.


Tee times can be made on their site      or on GolfNow

Overall it gets a 9.5 and is an absolute steal at the prices they offer. Funny note here is that encourage you to drive in straight lines ON the fairways only and the cart’s GPS is so good that if you stray into areas unwanted, the cart will turn off and you will need to push it. Also are the only carts I have seen that you can order your food via touchscreen. They have a range, chipping area and putting green so if you want to host an upscale tournament and treat your guests, this is the place.


  • layout-9
  • condition-10
  • food-8
  • staff- 9


Woodstock Golf Course

Woodstock is a run down 9 hole course in the middle of nowhere Norheast CT. The course is over 120 years old and it looks and feels like it(1896). You start off on a par 3 with a very chewed up tee box. After that you face a short 4 that doglegs at the very end and can leave your ball on a hill in front of the green. Next up is an angled hole with a blind tee shot. Just when you thought the layout couldn’t get any worse, #4 is a 90 dogleg. 5 and 6 are straightaway 4s that lead you too a long downhill 3 that you can not go long on. 8 would be a good hole except its too tight.

You can book a tee time on Golf18 Network.  Their website is


Overall course gets just a 3.5 and feels like a community/league place that doesn’t get many visitors. If you live around there you should frequent this place since its so cheap, esp the range balls.

  • layout-2
  • condition-3
  • food-NA
  • staff- 8

Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course

The “Wheel” as referred to by the regulars, is a 36 hole facility in Bridgeport. The better of the two courses is the Black Course. The Red course has awful starting and finishing holes(1,9,10,18) but if you need to play golf on a weekend, you can pretty much always get a last minute time there. As the rest of the Red is boring and goes back and forth I will go through the Black course now. Hole 1 is a slight dog leg right 4 that brings you to my least favorite hole there. #2 has a blind tee shot that requires the group in front to ring a bell. 3 is a very short par 3 and 4 is an uphill 4 that requires a good tee shot to get the green in 2. Keep your driver in the bag for the next hole but make sure you bring it right back for the long #6. 6,7, and 8 are a very tough bunch of holes so get through there at even and be happy and close out the front. From the 10th tee box you can see Long Island Sound which is miles away. Let it rip and avoid the left side fairway bunkers for an easy par. After a short, well protected par 3 you will have to play a draw(or aim left) on the dog leg left #12. No coincidence that #13 is my favorite hole here. From an elevated tee box you need to carry around 230yds to be left with a beautiful, not easy,  approach shot in. 14 is short so best bet would be a draw hybrid. 15 is a nice flat wide open par 4 that feels like it belongs on the red course,not in a  bad way, just the fact that it sits on that layout. 16 is a challenging hole with an elevated green that you want to be long on. Next up is the prettiest hole on both courses. A beautiful par 3 hitting over tall cattail. If the pin is in the front you will miss your only hole in one. The closing hole here plays up hill and unless you can hit a fade you will be left with a fat chance to make par.


Tee times can be made online at  or on GolfNow

Overall I give the Wheel a weak 6 as a combined score.

  • layout- 6
  • condition-5
  • food- 8
  • staff- 8

Woodhaven Country Club

Woodhaven   is a  nine hole track hidden very deep in the woods in Bethany. Hole 1 is a banana shaped par 5 that is an easy par especially if you can fade your drive. Hole 2 is a short slightly uphill par with a very tough green so make sure you get on in one. 3 and 4 are both very short so should be no prob parring both unless 4’s green is rolling quick. No need to use your driver on the next hole who’s green plays just as tough as 4’s(big slope). 6 is a long straightaway par 5 followed by a quirky par 4 where you should club down off the tee to avoid the water. After another par 3 you get the nicest tee shot all day. Carry the water and hopefully your ball will kick forward off the big hill on the left. If your looking for a deal, they used to offer nine and an unreal fried hot dog with chips all for $21. Hope its still offered.


Tee times can be made on GolfNow.

Overall it gets just a 5 and since its only nine holes and in the middle of nowhere its for recreational use only. Its family ran and everyone there is friendly so bring the kids and have a relaxing time here.

  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food-8 on the dog alone
  • staff- 9


Westwoods Golf Course

Westwoods is  an 18-hole, 4407 yard, par-61 executive course in Farmington. I don’t see this course being more than a place for an after work league or a senior league.  Sub par layout and it needs some tender love and care. That’s all I got for this place and I probably won’t ever play it again.



Tee times can be made by calling (860) 675-2548. The starter there is a veteran and is on top of everything. 

Overall it gets just a 4.5 as its not really a course but the girl working the snack bar was top 3 on my mini tour.


  • layout- 4
  • condition-5
  • food- NA
  • staff- 8

Whitney Farms Golf Course

Whitney Farms, located in Monroe, is an 18 hole classic New England style course. With my fade, hole one is usually an easy par. Holes 2 and 3, not so much. They both have water running the whole way down them and #3s green jets out into that aforementioned water. Holes 4-8 are spread out and run through a community which requires you to cross with traffic. The only hole out of those that I like it the zig zag 8th. After you see your buddies shank their tee shot on the par 3 9th, you may want to move your car. The back nine starts off with a nice downhill 4 followed by a tough but beautiful par 5. My favorite hole here is the picturesque par 3 15 that is surrounded by water. Right after that is a nice but bland par 5. 17 and 18 are nice but feel a little forced in around the range.


Call (203) 268-0707 for Tee Times

Overall I give it a strong 6 and wish it were easier to book tee times here.

  • layout- 6
  • condition-6
  • food- NA
  • staff- 6


Western Hills Golf Course

Western Hills is East Mountain’s sister course and the other, very similar muni in Waterbury. Not too much to write about this one either, as per my East Mtn review, I played 54 in the rain this day. I do remember power lines running through it which doesn’t help its attraction. The course plays only 6300 from the tips so is not the place for single digit handicapers.


Tee times can be made by calling  (203) 755-6828

Overall it gets a  weak 6.

  • layout-6
  • condition-5
  • food-5
  • staff- 6



Country Club of Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a recently turned public course in the Amity area right outside of New Haven. When the club initially went public the town hired MDM to run the course who of course did not provide any upkeep or make any enhancements. For the past  year, Billy Casper mgmt have operated the course but I have only seen minor improvements. To their defense, it takes twice as long to bring a course back then to let it get like it did so I have faith in Billy Casper golf as they have a great track record. They have already added some life their by creating lots of events including the great Sunday Football Scramble on game days. Hole 1 is always in the worst shape there so don’t get too will get better. That fairway just floods and so does the green when that pond overflows; the pond with the biggest frogs and turtles in CT.


Tee times can be made on their site or on GolfNow

Overall it just gets a 6 now and check back in soon as I will update the condition when I play it soon.

  • layout- 7
  • condition-5
  • food- 7
  • staff- 8





Willow Brook Golf Course

Willow Brook is an exceptionally well maintained pitch n putt in South Windsor. Not much to go through here as most holes are short little straight away 3s. The immaculate condition is surprising as par 3s are usually played by kids and “not serious” golfers who tend to not know etiquette as well. Goes to show you the respect the South Windsorians have and the pride the management has for  Willow Brook. No reason to take a cart here unless you need to and don’t worry the walk to the first tee is the longest all day.


I will def be back here and hope I will be lucky enough to join #BUCCI MANE and his son to walk 18 and talk puck.

Rates are very reasonable so call 860-648-2061 for tee times now.

Overall I give it a 8.5 and is the best par3 I ever played(yes i know there are a couple par 4s but its a par 3 course in my book)

  • layout-7(par 3)
  • condition-9
  • food-NA
  • staff- 9

Just won the Walter Lowell award for most distinguished Public Golf Course in CT and Western Ma

Tunxis Plantation Country Club

Tunxis is a 45 hole facility located  just west of Hartford where golf courses are a plenty. Not going to go through every hole as I played all 45 in a row and who knows what courses I played in what order. There are some really scenic holes here but I liked the holes by the big pond the most. With so many holes around you, bad shots won’t go OB but will often be blocked by the abundance of trees or in the drink. Wish I had more to say about this great facility but it was a long day in the sun here.


Tee times can be made on GolfNow or their website

Overall I give it a strong 7 as it is maintained and ran well for such a huge place. There is a great range there and they can obv host tournaments.

  • layout- 7
  • condition-8
  • food- 5
  • staff- 9 starter was a great guy

Tradition at Wallingford

Tradition’s other CT course is in Wallingford and is the exact opposite of Oak Lane where as I love the back nine layout and not the front so much. The first 5 holes are jammed in and have power lines constantly in sight. To get to hole 6 you need to take your cart through the parking lot and across the street to a hole that sits very close to the highway. Hole 7 is a driveable par 4 with many bunkers and OB left and right so may not be the best hole to try to show off on. #9 looks tougher than it is….with an uphill blind second shot take one more club and keep it right. Hole 10 is another easily driveable hole but with bunkers and varying slopes near the green, once again its not that easy. I do not recommend walking this course as I did once especially cause of the long uphill walk to #11. After you par 11 you’re on to the famous island green. Although its in better shape than others, it still has too much goose poop on it and they need a ranger there to stop people from hitting 3 balls that leads to a guaranteed huge backup. Holes 13-16 are great(16 being my favorite)  except for the fact of the damn power lines again. #17 is yet another driveable par 4 but this one instead of being tough if short, is unplayable and will cost you a drop. After you drive over the “dragon coaster”(reference to Rye Playland) you finish up at a downhill 3 with a 2 tiered green.


Overall it gets  a  6 and tee times can be made on


  • layout- 6- front nine has some bad holes
  • condition-6
  • food-9
  • staff- 8