Buena Vista Golf Course

Beuna Vista is located just minutes away from  trendy downtown West Hartford. This is another 9 hole course but has a hockey rink on the grounds so that makes it acceptable. It is a par 30 1800yd track but is relatively hilly so makes for a decent workout. The layout is confusing and  needs  more signs telling your where the next tee boxes are esp between holes 2 and 3 and  the long walk to hole #4.  After hole 7 there is a good chance you will skip 8 and play 9 in error(I did). Tee times are not required and they accept cash only.

Overall its a decent course to kill time or as a date spot before a lunch or early dinner in West Hartford. Another option, if you keep your clubs in your car, is to play 9 while your child does suicides for an hour in the rink. I give it a 5


  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food-NA
  • staff- 5
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One comment on “Buena Vista Golf Course

  1. justbemaniere says:

    what makes it trendy? the greens have the fairway roughs have the “blow-out” look?

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