Laurel View Country Club

Laurel View, located in Hamden, is a decent course with some very good holes and with a little effort can be a great course.  Hole 1 is very short so you can go for it or if you feel rusty can use a fairway wood and still be left with a mid iron shot in. Next up is a pretty short par 3 with a large green so you should be even through 2 at worst. The large lake on #3 requires you to lay up but then be left with a long approach shot to the green. Holes 4 and 5  are pars 5 and 4 and go back and forth and are pretty much the same distance so par bogey is not that bad here.  Hole 6 is a quirky hole which does not require a driver  and hole 7 is a long uphill par 3 that does. My favorite hole is probably the 8th. It requires an accurate drive, has a open flat landing zone for your second shot, then a shallow green. I hate the 9th but like how it shares it’s green with the par 3 #7 that you just bogeyed.

The back starts off with a short but tough dogleg that you DEF should not use anything more than an iron on.  Next up is  a very hard par 5(hardest hole here). The fairway slants right the hole way and everything runs off of it into big trouble(almost OB). #12 is a picturesque par 3 over a lake.  After a short easy par 4 you arrive at another great hole here at Laurel View.  If you smash your drive the ball can catch the downhill slope and leave you with a get there in 2 shot.  15 and 16 are both tough; 15 plays up hill and long while 16 plays downhill but is narrow and curves hard left.  17 is a traditionally par 3 and 18 has a tree that needs to be knocked down.

Some cheap tee times on Golf Now. The course needs a heavy make over and then would be an 8

  • layout-8
  • condition-6
  • food- 6
  • staff- 6
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