Farmingbury Hills Golf Course

Farmingbury Hills is a 9 hole muni located in Wolcott. Tee box 1 is a chip shot away from the grill rooms terrace so expect onlookers as you take your breakfast ball. Hole 2 doglegs right and will play easy if you hit a fade drive. Hole 3 entices you to go for it and I don’t see why you wouldn’t. The next hole is pretty weird as the tee box makes you hit over a road and requires you to lay up or hit a power fade. The approach shot is tight as the road on the right and the trees on the left come to a point right behind the green. Hole 5 has a elevated green that is reachable but I suggest laying up. Hole 6 is a very short par 3 so you better stick it. Next is my favorite hole there. The tee box jets into a nice little lake and if you keep your drive left you will be left with a short wedge shot in. 8 is a decent length par 3 and if you hit a good drive on 9 you should be able to give it a go in 2 on this par 5. The food was pretty good so if you are hungry I suggest grabbing something there as I didn’t see many other places nearby.

  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food-7
  • staff- 6
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