Minnechaug Golf Course

Minnechaug is operated by MDM so as you would expect, it is in terrible shape.  Its a nine hole course in Manchester which serves as a warm up spot to Manchester country club at best. The holes line a somewhat new housing development. I suspect that the builder used the course to jack the price of the condos then put no money into it after he made his money on house sales. I could only imagine how many people that live on that course actually belong to Manchester though. So like I said the holes go out and around with only holes 4 and 5 touching fairways. Hole 7 is a really “unfun” sharp right turn.  If you are walking, the stretch from 7 to 8 is longgg and takes you through part of the neighborhood.  Their claim to fame is the island green par 3 8th. While yes it is an island green, the green itself is in toughhh shape. Never mind all the goose crap on it, there are actual geese themselves on it and most of the green is dead from that and flooding.

Overall it gets a 5 from me.

  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food- NA
  • staff- 8

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