Orchards Golf Course

The Orchards aka MCC- Milford Country Club is located in my hometown Milford. It is a short 9 hole course with a couple par 4s but most are reachable or are 90 degree doglegs that require 2 to get home.  One hole worth talking about is #4. I wish they would get rid of the large tree right in the middle of the fairway. They should cover the trunk in chocolate and have  the world’s largest ground hog, usually found on that tee box, chew it down.

The people that play here are very laid back so don’t expect a quick round on the weekends or in the mornings. To help speed up play, on the long par 3s and the 4s they encourage the group in front to call on the next group once they get onto the green. There are signs reminding players of that.

Rates start at 10.80 for residents so it makes for the perfect place for you and your buddies to race to from the train(making sure one guy stops for the beers)


Overall MCC gets just a 6 at best but it holds a special little place in my heart with it character and availability so I will continue to visit it often to work on my short game.

Call 203-877-8200 for tee times

  • layout-6
  • condition-6 but improving now with new management
  • food- NA
  • staff- 9
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