Short Beach Golf Course

Short Beach is a par 3 pitch and putt located on the water right next to Sikorsky Airport in Stratford. The course has a decent amount of water and  traps to slow down play for the beginner golfers. Good golfers should be able to shoot par here as long as they don’t three put these large greens. Hole 5 has a beautiful view of the ocean in the background.  2 hurricanes in 2 years did a decent amount of damage to this course. Being right on the water it is obviously prone to heavy flooding. There are plenty of regulars there and the starter there Bill Kotches is a GREAT guy. He is an all around fun friendly guy who will trade stories with you any day of the week.

Overall the course gets only a 5 as its just a place to bring your beginner friends or squeeze in nine after work.

  • layout-5
  • condition-5
  • food- NA
  • staff- 10
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