Green Woods Country Club

Green Woods is a nice nine hole course just minutes North of Torrington in Winstead. As you pull into the course, make sure you look both ways as you drive right through the second fairway(unusual). Hole 3 is a downhill par 3 then comes the challenging dog leg right #4 that looks carved out of the “green” woods. The fifth hole is very unique…it has two different greens. The fairway forks and if you go left it plays as a par 4 but if you play 18 it plays as a par 5 to the right. Holes 6 and 7 mirror each other going back and forth and sending you to a generic par 3 over a lake. The ninth is a driveable 4 so wait for the group in front of you to clear before teeing off. My one suggestion is to put in a net or some shrubs blocking the parking lot from the ninth fairway. Hard to believe many cars don’t get dinged up over there.

They have a range and are semi private so weekends before noon are off limits.

Overall it gets a 7.5 and one of the top 5 nine hole courses in state.

  • layout-7
  • condition-8
  • food- NA
  • staff- 8
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