Hawk’s Landing Country Club

Hawk’s Landing is an 18 hole par 70 course minutes off of I-84 in Southington. The course plays very short(5800) but has lots of water and some holes are tight so you need to play smart golf here and club down often. Hole 1 is a perfect example, downhill 300 yds but OB left and blocking trees right. Hole 3 is another one where you may want to not use your driver. 440 yd par 5 with I-84 collecting dozens of drives a day. Holes 4 and 5 go back and forth and are pretty open but have a stream snaking through it and some high grasses that leads to a back up. Hole 6 adds to that delay having 3 large lakes that are tough to avoid. Hole 7 is as tough a par 3 as they come(235 uphill). Hole 8 is an easy par 4 sandwiched in between yet another 235 par 3 with a pond in front of the green and bunkers everywhere. I don’t like courses that have short 4s and then try to make up yards with the par 3s. To find hole 10 you need to drive through the parking lot and across the street.  Unlike the front there is no water on the back until hole 17. After the dogleg left #10 holes 11 and 12 are very nice and wide open. Next up are the two toughest holes there besides the front par 3s; 13 and 14 go out and in along side the highway and are tight(handicaps 3 and 5). #15 is my favorite hole there, probably cause I eagled it! 16 is a downhill par 3 and 17 is where the water comes back, runs all along the left side of the hole. The final hole is very similar to #9 but thankfully is shorter and has a little bit of fairway on the other side of the pond.

There is a huge grass tee driving range there so if you live nearby you should take advantage of it. The outdoor patio bar is great(almost too good to be on a golf course).

Tee times can be made on their site or on Golf Now


Overall it gets a 7

  • layout-7
  • condition-6
  • food- 9
  • staff- 8

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